Rust Protection/Treatment & Undercoating

Protect your investment with our top of the line products. We offer NH Oil products. A mineral oil based product, in 2 color variations and creeps  7 to 10 inches, this is the key for proper coverage of internal crevasses where rust usually starts first! Black goes on all frame areas and clear for internal and external applications. Also the only product with built in rodent repellent to keep those pesky mice and other rodents from chewing your wiring. Full service includes all undercarriage/in all inner and outer rockers, inside doors, front/rear fenders, crossmembers, inside frame, around motor, hood, any moving latches/hinges, battery terminals,  dropping of spare tires, pulling of taillights if needed, dropping of plastic panels/shroud covers, skid plates under motor and much more.

Appointments for all services are 6 days a week from 8 am to 8pm. Custom appointments outside these hours are available as well. We have a waiting area available or customers can drop off and pick up upon completion. Pictured below is some before and after pictures of various models of vehicles.

NH Oil Products & Rust Prevention Services We Offer

Yearly NH Oil Rust Prevention Coatings For New and Used Vehicles(Most Common)

NH Oil Undercoating is a unique blend of highly refined Mineral Oil, & Green Corrosion Inhibitors that guard against rust and corrosion on all metals. It eliminates moisture and oxygen while providing a barrier against salt, dirt, and other pollutants from the metal providing long-lasting protection for your vehicle. Pleasant peppermint smell.

Penetrate & Lubricate

After NH Oil Undercoating® is applied, you can expect it to lift and remove dirt, moisture, other contaminants, and even some surface rust. It is designed to penetrate the good metal and form its protection there. It will continue to penetrate to the good metal, pushing out existing moisture and oxygen, thus eliminating oxidation-corrosion.

Stop Electrolysis

NH Oil Undercoating® stops electrolysis by disallowing the external circuit to be completed. NH Oil Undercoating is designed as a non-conductive material that also has a voltage drop of only 1/100th of a volt. After securing the connections, it can be used on electrical connections to prevent the “greening” of wires.

Active Molecular Protective Film

Once NH Oil Undercoating® has reached the good metal, it sets up a bond. This bond is at a molecular level and the film that is created is ultra-thin providing long-term protection. The inhibitors, meshed together in a chain link, are then used by the environment – contaminants, salts, etc… – before the metal is rusted.

Creeps and Self Healing

NH Oil Undercoating® is designed to creep deep into cracks, crevices, spot welds, seams, folds and provide protection there as these areas up prone to hold moisture and are unprotected. So even if the initial application cannot reach one of these areas, this creeping process makes sure the maximum protection is provided!
Oil Undercoating creeping

Can we work with heavily rusted vehicles? ABSOLUTELY

We offer a heavy de scaling service to remove excess rust, flaking paint and any other corrosive material from underneath the vehicle, afterwards our rust converter is applied internally and externally underneath the vehicle to turn the rust to zinc phosphate, afterwards NHOU® is applied in black and clear to all external and internal areas to protect the vehicle from future rust.

NHOU® BOSS Wax™ & Oil-based Rustproofing for Brand New Vehicles

  •  limited lifetime Warranty on all wax coatings
  • a 1 time solution for rustproofing the undercarriage of your brand new vehicle(bi-annual inspection required to keep warranty)
  • Free touch ups on wax if ever needed for life of ownership of vehicle
  • Lower cost option over time compared to annual coating for new vehicles.
  • Decreased maintenance cost: lower risk of components rusting out and needing replacement
  • Increased vehicle life: rustproofed vehicles have been proven to last significantly longer, especially if the rustproofing starts when they are new.
  • Internal doors, rockers, other internal cavities are oiled with nhou product to allow airflow in internal cavities.

Taking care of your vehicle just makes sense. Preventive maintenance saves a lot of money over the life of a vehicle, and rustproofing is one of the most essential preventive maintenance measures we can take in New Hampshire. That’s because, unlike in many states in the South and West, New Hampshire vehicles are exposed to road salt. And road salt becomes more corrosive and harder to remove as time goes on because road deicing technology is improving all the time. Fortunately, rustproofing technology is advancing, too, but that won’t do you any good unless you take your vehicle in and actually get the rustproofing. The Rust Stop Pro‘s wax/oil treatment is a semi-permanent rust protection & maintenance program for vehicle owners who prefer not to go with an oil finish. Following the initial NHOU® BOSS wax & oil application, The Rust Stop Pro‘s biennial treatments include:

  • Reapplication of NHOU Oil Undercoating® in body cavities
  • Inspection and touch up of any areas required or voids NHOU® BOSS Wax-N-Oil warranty.

Rust Converter Treatment and NH oil treatment.

Have a vehicle that hasn’t been undercoated before? Excess rust and scale? Nh oils Rust converter will kill the bulk of major rust leaving the vehicle extra protected. First the vehicle is de scaled/ground down to frame from excessive rust in all areas. next the rust converter is sprayed on all areas and allowed to completely dry and will turn a white to grey color. After adequate dry time, the metal areas are re wiped down and touched up as necessary, final step is adding NH oils signature yearly coating to cover all areas of the vehicle to prevent the rust from coming back. This process altogether takes about 2 to 3 days.